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New iD the Poet Album 2018

iD’s yet to be titled EP enlists a variety of narratives from vastly different time periods. Live musicians and guest producers expand his usual cinematic landscape of Hip Hop. This is a scattered anthology of stories throughout time and space.


Listen to iD’s New Single “Built To Break”

Listen to the new single “Built to Break” and pre-order Work Epic 2 today.

iD releases his second EP in the Work Epic series Monday September 20th.

This five song concept album will be released on limited cassette tapes that include B-sides of unreleased collaborations, live performances, and instrumentals.

From thematic break beats to future-synth ballads, this dystopian Hip Hop adventure dances through a deslote wasteland of economic insecurity and emotional collapse. The tale continues as our anonymous worker appears old and forging a gravestone, barely able to support his own weight.



“Make Me Whole Again” Featuring iD the Poet

iD the Poet is featured on a new release from Modern American Village Music (MAVM), a project by close friend and collaborator Bob Kostlan. iD and Kostlan worked together to form Genius of Soul in 2006. Listen below-


iD & The Cosmic Sea perform for NPR Tiny Desk contest

I’ve been enjoying NPR Tiny Desk Concerts for awhile now; the live performances show spotlight the personal nature of the artists. I’ve also been frustrated at the difficulty and cost of making a music video that lives up to song. This turned out to be the perfect opportunity to make something that added to the music, but didn’t take years or debt to make. The Cosmic Sea are OpenOptics + Abigail Dearden- good friends and a gifted duo I’m honored to create with.



REVIEW: The “Work Epic” of iD | NBC San Diego

“”Work Epic,” the latest EP from iD the Poet, eschews cliche in favor of transparency.

Across five songs on “Work Epic,” released earlier this year, San Diego’s Kurt Kohnen (a.k.a. iD the Poet) waxes philosophical about the invasiveness of modern work, its omnipotence and Orwellian feel. He’s half Thoreau, wanting to improve the systems current flaws, and half Aesop Rock, a heady wordsmith, all rhythm and timing…”

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