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Raincheck: Remixes From Around The World


14 remixes by amazing artists from around the world: Brazil, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, U.S.A., Spain.
Raincheck Remixes From Around The World is a collection of remixes of my songs from Raincheck (2010). The songs ‘The Capsule’, ‘Wilderness’, and ‘The Devil Lost’, were all taken by a variety of extremely talented artists, and interpreted through their unique context. From different countries, cultures and styles, these artists coalesced to form a cross section of electronic music that shows the diversity and unity of music around the globe. Much respect to all artists that dedicated their time to creating new music and building the community buy sharing their talent and ideas. Please support their music by following the links and listening.


Aryda, ARTFX, oli milsom, kidkindacool, Swan Dive, magnelius, dzp! , Westberg, System6, Kinetic Eon, Matt Skow, Simon Westberg, Damgroove, Big Lu

released March 29, 2011

1. Westberg – Stockholm, Sweden soundcloud.com/simon-westberg
2. Particle – Bromley, UK soundcloud.com/particle
3. ARTFX – Rotterdam, Netherlands www.artfx-studios.com
4. Aryda – Stockholm, Sweden soundcloud.com/arydamusic
5. Swandive – San Diego, CA, U.S.A. www.facebook.com/pages/Swan-Dive/174115272635136
6. Matt Skow – San Diego, CA, U.S.A. www.matthewskow.com
7. Magneluis – Sevilla, Spain soundcloud.com/magnelius
8. Damgroove – Cambridge, UK soundcloud.com/damgroove
9. oli milsom London, UK soundcloud.com/dj-oli-milsom
10.Kinetic Eon – South Ogden, Utah, U.S.A. soundcloud.com/kineticeon
11.DZP! – Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil soundcloud.com/dzp
12. Big Lu – Chicago, U.S.A. www.2-fer.com
13. kidkindacool- Chicago, U.S.A. soundcloud.com/kidkindacool
14. System 6 – London, UK soundcloud.com/system6_dubs

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